Why Internshala Training

by Ashutosh
March 19, 2020

Ok, so you want to know if Internshala Trainings are really any good. Fair enough. If I were you, I would also do my research before enrolling into one.

In our quest of creating a world full of opportunities for every student, we launched our online training platform- Internshala Trainings (formerly known as Internshala VTC), four years ago. And our objective was to remove the roadblock called ‘How and where to learn a new skill that would actually be useful for me without burning a hole in my pocket?’ from a students’ life.

The response to Internshala Trainings over last 4 years has been overwhelming and 40,000+ students have learned a new skill on the platform till date. We’ve also talked to thousands of students who had either signed up but didn’t actually start a training or those who weren’t exactly sure about the viability of an online training.

Given below are the 7 most common questions those students asked us on why they should or shouldn’t join Internshala Trainings. We are sharing these with you in case you have a similar doubt –

1. Why should I pay for an online training when there are so many FREE online resources?

When we started Internshala Trainings in summer 2013, we had the exact same question at the top of our minds too. Who would sign up given there are so many free YouTube videos and tutorials available? However, the response has been beyond expectations and here is why students prefer Internshala Trainings over free resources –

  1. It is very structured – The problem with the free resources is that there are far too many of them making it difficult for you to know where to start from. Often students start enthusiastically but give up mid-way because it becomes all too confusing. Internshala Trainings, on the other hand, handholds you in this initial and crucial phase and guide you step by step till the time you become confident and knowledgeable enough to learn on your own.
  2. It is practice-oriented – Learning by doing is at the heart of Internshala Trainings’ philosophy and every training comes with a lot of exercises & practicals along the way. You also work on a project in parallel where you make something from scratch (could be an app, a website, an IoT device, a digital marketing campaign etc.) applying the concepts that you just learned online. This makes sure that you understand the practical aspects of the subject.
  3. Great support –  The most frustrating part of learning anything new is getting stuck at some point and spending hours looking for the right answer on the web. Internshala Trainings provide you with expert live chat support and access to a Q&A forum where you can clear your doubts in a jiffy and move ahead!

2. But what about the quality?

Internshala Trainings’ vision is Harvard meets Hollywood  – a platform that prepares the students for skills of tomorrow in a way that is fun, effective, and technology led. Every single video tutorial of Internshala Trainings is created with this philosophy in mind and maintaining a high bar on quality is as important to us as it is to you.

Also, Internshala is India’s one of the most trusted and admired student brand – a reputation that we have built painstakingly over last 7 years and can’t afford to lose. If this is your first experience with Internshala, you may ask your seniors/friends, who may have been using Internshala for a longer period, about what they think of us. And if you have experienced our internships platform, which is a free product & service, you can imagine what kind of quality we must be striving for to offer a training for which we charge a fee.

3. Has Internshala Trainings really helped any student? Can I read Internshala Training reviews from past students.

Immensely. After taking a training on Internshala, students have gone to build their own websites, apps, college projects, aced their exams, cracked internship and job interviews, and some even launched their own start-ups. Read all such inspiring stories here and we hope one day you would have a story as amazing to narrate as these 🙂

4. Wouldn’t a classroom training, where I can directly interact with an instructor, be better? In an online training, who would solve my doubts?

Today, you do almost everything online, so why not learn online? There are a number of advantages an online training offers that a classroom program can not.

  1. Flexibility – With Internshala Trainings, you can learn anytime and from anywhere as per your comfort. You don’t have to be bound by the time-table of a classroom training. Also, you don’t have to worry about missing any classes in-between. With Internshala training, you can catch up from where you left and entire training is in your pocket 24*7.
  2. Convenience – Spending 2 hours in commute during hot summers or freezing winters to reach classes is no one’s idea of fun. Wouldn’t you rather save that time and use it for learning or spending on doing something that you truly enjoy? I know, I would 🙂
  3. Affordability – Internshala Trainings usually cost only 15-20% of what some of the best classroom trainings on same subjects would cost you. And we are not even adding the cost of daily travel or moving to a new city for your training (especially if you do not have good classroom training programs available in your city).
  4. Finally, quality – Classroom training centers often struggle with the lack of quality trainers or required infrastructure while Internshala trainings are designed and developed scientifically and the core team behind Internshala Trainings consists of alumni of IITs and NITs.

And regarding doubt solving, at Internshala Trainings, you would get daily live chat with a mentor and a Q&A forum to ask all your doubts.

5. Does Internshala training guarantee an internship or a job after completion of training?

NO. It is rather unfortunate that some training institutes still lure students with such gimmicks. Think about it – when your college, whom you pay a minimum of INR 3-4 lac for your degree for 3/4 years, does not and can not guarantee you a job at the end of it, you think a training programs charging you Rs. 2K for a 4-6 weeks training can?

Finding the right job or internship for yourself is a function of your technical skills (45%), your aptitude i.e. soft skills (45%), and a bit of luck (10%). A technical training program can only help you with your technical skills and that too will depend on how much effort did you put in during the training. So your primary criteria for choosing a training program should be how good a job it does of teaching you the required skill and not whether it offers any guarantees of any sorts. Further, every Internshala training also gives you complimentary access to a soft skills training module that would be useful when you start applying for internships or jobs after your training.

6. What is the value of Internshala Training Certificate in the market?

While it is true that 80,000+ companies who hire interns through Internshala will recognise an Internshala training certificate when they see one on your resume and in that sense it might help. But in reality, any training certificate (be it from Internshala or anywhere else) does not mean anything in itself. What really matters is how much practical knowledge you gained in the training and whether you started building your own projects by applying that knowledge that you can demonstrate to a potential employer.

We do provide a certificate to you upon completion of your training and our learners value it as a certificate of achievement – something that is testimonial to all the hardwork and effort you would put during the training.

7. Ok, I am convinced. But I still find the training program fees to be a little expensive, could it be reduced a bit?

Affordability is one of the key criteria with which we design every training on Internshala and that reflects in the our super nominal pricing. Having said that we understand that it can still be overwhelming for a student and if that is the only reason stopping you from enrolling into a training program of your choice and learning a new skill, you can click on this link to avail a discount of 55%+10% on your favorite training by using coupon code BHAGALPUR5510 .

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